Paza sauti yako!

PAZA SAUTI YAKO!!! The 2014 Femina Hip Youth Conference in Dar es Salaam has come to a close. The 3 day event brought Fema Clubbers, Mentors, and partners from all over Tanzania together to discuss youth voice in Tanzania. Read more about the conference here.  

The new Femina Hip logo is here!

Our new logo features beautiful red lips and a great big speech bubble. This reflects our commitment, now more than ever, to hearing what you have to say, to share your voices, your opinions, your ideas, and to tell others about the actions you have taken within your clubs and communities. When Femina started 15 years ago, we were all about sexual health and HIV, so we used the ribbon logo to represent that theme.

Now that we talk about jobs and money as well as citizen engagement, we have a new logo to show that all topics are open for discussion. So speak Up, Speak Out, Turn up the Volume! Paza Sauti Yako!

Hot off the Press!

Hot off the Press! The new Fema is out and it is ALL NEW. We’ve got a new look, new sections, and big ideas. Femina’s going through big changes this year. This first issue is all about volunteering, so check it out and let’s make a change together.

Call for Entrepreneurs!

Are you interested in starting your own business? Do you want to help bring solar lights to your community? Apply to become a SunnyMoney Entrepreneur TODAY!

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Youth of Tanzania ‘Pump Up The Volume’ Speak Up and Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Thursday, 30.01.2014

Femina Hip is coming to you with louder voices and a new look.


New Fema Magazine

Wednesday, 24.04.2013

The all new Fema brings together the best of Fema and the best of Si Mchezo! into one fun filled...


The new Femina Hip Logo is here!

Tuesday, 19.02.2013

Paza Sauti Yako! Speak Up, Speak Out, Turn up the Volume. Our new logo features beautiful red lips...


SMS to Femina

  • Youth must we must work hard and push ourselves, the Fema magazine has helped me a lot to know the importance of youth especially where they ought to take responsibility. In addition the magazine has helped change the lives of many young people, therefore us young people have to work hard to bring ourselves positive change to better our lives.
  • If I was given a chance to be a leader; I would change the current educational system into a ‘choice system’ where a student would be able to choose the subjects they want to study from primary through to secondary. I would also provide an opportunity for young people to be leaders but only to those who are self aware, patriots and has integrity and stands up for the interests of citizens and the country as a whole.
  • Going to town(Urban areas- Dar es salaam) is not a solution to gaining employment, young people should remain in the village (rural) and devote themselves to agriculture, husbandry etc., I advise young people sink in to farm, all answers are on agriculture first. Milan'chton A. Kau Shelui,  froma Iramba -  Singida
  • Everybody Land is important for all even if you are well off a request to our Tanzanian government to be very careful on what we use the land for and how we divide it. Tanzania will never be able to eradicate poverty without proper management of land. Charles Bukobogo from Msowero Kilosa Morogoro