The Fema Magazine has been produced and printed quarterly for 20 years in Tanzania. It has one of the largest print runs and is one of the most popular and well known magazines in the country. It is distributed to both secondary schools, Folk Development Colleges, local government  and civil society partners across Tanzania. The magazine content includes sections on all of Femina Hip’s strategic agendas: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Economic Empowerment, Citizen Engagement and Youth Connect.

Every issue carries a theme campaign and is produced with content identified with partner organizations and gathered from different regions of Tanzania, highlighting various parts of the country and fostering a sense of ‘nationhood'. Editorial collection is highly participatory and approximately 100 youth from our Fema Clubs engage quarterly in Youth Reporting for the Fema Magazine or contribute to the content with their own letters and stories.

Complementary Print Products

As a means to further promoting specific themes, Femina Hip also produces one off Fema print Booklets. These booklets act as a complement to the magazine, as well as our other media products, further engaging youth in our campaigns. Some of our most notible booklets have covered topics such as Girl Power, Choose Life and Puberty (Chagua Maisha) and Partner Commmunication (Sema Naye). Femina Hip also published SiMchezo magazine biannually for many years, millions of copies are still circulating around Tanzania. 

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These publications are in Swahili Only.