The Fema TV Show has been on air since 2003, highlighting different themes and campaigns each season. Recorded 'on the road' in different locations across Tanzania, this media vehicle provides a dynamic and versatile entry point for Femina Hip to address current issues. 

The show has been hosted by a series of young role models, including Lydia Igabaruza, Iddi Ligongo and Rebeca Gyumi. Each episode features young people, experts, celebrities and politicians discussing critical - sometimes controversial issues- relating to youth lifestyles. Each show highlights youth stories and testimonials and incorporates comic elements to reinforce the messages.  Youth Reporters from our Fema Clubs participate in each episode to help explore their communities by asking questions and seeking out interesting stories.

The Ruka Juu TV Show, first aired in 2011, is an entrepreneurship competition produced every two years. The program promotes our Economic Empowerment agenda.  Six contestants from different regions compete for a 5 million tsh prize. Judges and the audience are involved in score setting. The latest season, aired in 2017, focused on agricultural value addition and processing and the role it can play in the economic empowerment of Tanzanian youth. The TV shows have been aired on stations like EATV, ITV.

All Ruka Juu TV Show and Fema TV Show are available on our YouTube channel