'Build Your Life' Ruka Juu

Every year around a million young people leave secondary school in Tanzania. Yet, there are few formal employment opportunities. For young people, especially girls, access to incomes is important to sustain safe sexual health practices. There is a growing demand for education around employability and entrepreneurial skills, as well as financial literacy, so that young people can create their own opportunities to earn an income and build their lives. Femina Hip’s Ruka Juu agenda addresses this need by educating and encouraging youth to make smart financial decisions, take control of their future and become self-reliant.

Our Ruka Juu TV entrepreneurship competition has become the core platform we use to promote and educate youth across the country on entrepreneurship and employability skills. Through this platform our Ruka Juu agenda has evolved to focus on agriculture and value addition, as these fields represent the largest employment sectors in Tanzania.


Our Ruka Juu agenda includes:

  • Money: Money Management, Financial Planning and Budgeting, Saving, Borrowing and Taxes
  • Entrepreneurs: Being an Entrepreneur, Business Start-up, Registration, Business Regulations, Marketing and Distribution
  • Agriculture: Modern Farming Techniques, Horticulture and Animal Husbandry, Agriculture Value Addition and Processing
  • Employment: Job Hunting, Employability Skills,  Work Readiness, Employee Rights