'Connect Your Life' Sema na Fema

Femina Hip believes that being ‘connected’ and informed about activities and events within one's community, country and world is
essential for living an engaged life in today’s society. Femina Hip promotes active communication between our team and our audience, helping to further connect Tanzanian youth to our movement. We have active ‘conversations’ through our social media platforms, email and SMS speak-back system (Sema na Fema), which allows youth to directly connect with each other and with the Fema Team members on a daily basis. When passionate and engaged youth connect, discussion is facilitated, doors are opened and community is fostered.


The Youth Connect agenda includes:

  • Engagement: Engage youth in discussion around core Femina Hip content, events and festivals
  • Connection: Connect youth with other youth and leaders in their own community and beyond
  • Feedback: Facilitate interaction and feedback between youth and the Femina Hip social media platforms
  • Counseling: Support youth through our interactive counseling platform
  • Education: Cyberethics, Reinforce messages and Femina Family Values