A youth focused civil society organisation in Tanzania dedicated to fostering young changemakers.


Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of visionaries who believe that young people are an asset. Our commitment is to ensure that young people are equipped with transformative lifeskills, credible information and motivation to become the best they can be.

Helping You Grow In Every Stage.

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What We Do.

We support young people to fulfill their potential, effect change and transform society so that their needs for survival, safety, love, belonging and respect from others are met.

Over 6 million youth are reached annually through our in and out of school initiatives

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We employ social and behaviour change communication and edutainment methodologies to engage young people through media, training and outreach activities. These initiatives mutually reinforce each other while expanding our ability to serve our audience. Our programming is informed by youth feedback, national and global trends

Sustainable Development Goals











  • Fema magazine-image

    Fema magazine

    Our signature Fema magazine has been published quarterly for 25 years in Tanzania. It has the largest print run in the country. It is a unique resource material that provides adolescents with credible information that is peer oriented.Over half a million copies of our Fema magazine are distributed each year to in and out-of-school Fema Clubs and partners.

  • Fema Club-image

    Fema Club

    Launched in 2002, there are 2,374* Fema Clubs in 40% of all government run secondary schools across Tanzania. A Fema club is a facilitation of youth coming together in safe, structured settings where youth can collectively read and discuss Fema magazine in an active learning environment. The Fema Clubs are embryos of civil society organizing, demonstrating and practicing critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, self-esteem, presentation and debating skills.

  • Ujana Salama-image

    Ujana Salama

    Ujana Salama which loosely translates to safe passage through youth, is Femina Hip’s approach to engaging out of school youth as Champions of Change. It focuses on training youth as Champions of Change, through building their skills as peer educators on economic empowerment and sexual reproductive health, and encourages them to contribute to community development.

  • Kijana Jitambue-image

    Kijana Jitambue

    Kijana Jitambue which loosely translates to ‘know yourself’, is Femina Hip’s approach to engaging in-school adolescent youth as peer educators. It focuses on building the skills of teachers to become mentors of youth. Youth are trained on sexual reproductive health and rights, economic empowerment and citizen engagement skills for independent decision-making.

Femina Family Values

We believe that young people can transform society when they develop a growth mindset where they value effort as a route to mastering new skills and competencies.


We are committed to ensuring diversity is respected. This includes the acknowledgement that men and women have different needs and challenges, as do people from different cultures, ethnicity, ideologies, etc


We understand that young people need a trusted source of accurate and reliable information. We build a culture of trust with our audience by ensuring that we remain relevant, credible and dependable.


We promote openness and inclusiveness by allowing all audiences and stakeholders to share ideas and participate through our initiatives. We remain leaders of ‘open talk’ which addresses some of the most sensitive and taboo topics.


Sincere commitment and dedication to the cause is instrumental for us to achieve our strategic goals. Committed staffs are willing to do more with less and dedicated stakeholders support us to reach our goals


We uphold our credibility by holding the organization and our staff to high standards in regard to accountability and transparency.


Above all else, we incorporate excitement and fun in all aspects of our work. We not only create entertaining products and activities for our audience, we have fun while doing it!


14,579,172 copies distributed

our core product, is distributed on a quarterly basis


Over 3,693 secondary schools

and Folk Development Colleges engage with our magazine


2,287 members

Creates a safe space for youth to organise, learn, nurture talents and grow


Ujana Salama

Over 6,000 Ujana Salama youth champions reached.


Our team visit more than 30,000 young people

as well as teacher/mentors, and other local leaders

Fema Club Network Across

Fema Clubs utilise active learning principles, which provide youth with a way of organizing themselves to conduct activities and projects that are important to them, guided by trained teachers/mentors

We encourage all Fema schools and recipients of the magazine to set up active Fema Clubs. Fema Clubs throughout every region of Tanzania. These Fema Clubs are in secondary schools, Folk Development Colleges, and out of school ones run by our civil society partners.


Number of Fema Clubs

Femina Hip movement has a total of 5077 registered Fema Clubs throughout Tanzania mainland regions and Zanzibar Islands

For students who graduate from our Fema Clubs and Networks and go on to university we have created a Fema alumni network to facilitate continued engagement and participation with our platform.

Schools receiving Fema magazine





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