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Today, young people are being forced into parental roles from a young age. Parents and guardians are not providing the basic needs for their children, not providing emotional support and are not comfortable to provide guidance to their children as they navigate adolescence. As a result, many girls in Tanzania are married off at a young age and boys are forced into child labour to help ease the financial burden on the family

Watch “Mary’s” story about how belonging to a Fema Club changed her life.

Your individual financial contribution will be used where most needed to support young people like ‘Mary’ with learning resources such as the printing and distribution of the magazine, to continue our digital transformation, and to ensure Femina Hip staff have the training and support they need to innovate and continue to grow the movement.

Femina Hip is working towards diversifying its funding and growing our funding streams, including piloting ways to generate income. As part of this journey, we are now able to accept donations made by individuals.

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